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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

jUZ to update


this previous week full with activities. Sangat bz rasanya. Weekend ni penuh dengan jemputan kawen. Salah sorg engineer DBKL, which is slalu follow up project dengan dia will get married this Saturday. I'll company my colleague to attend his wedding.  Real plan is this Saturday nak g wat facial and ade la jugak niat nak attend birthday party qalesya (kak liya's daughter) since she had invited me last few week. X dpt nak attend la jawabnye sbb terlupa lansung its clash with En.Ziya wedding. So insyaALLAH akan titipkan hadiah yg x seberapa for that sweet girl, through his uncle which is my friend.

Yang sesi spa n facial tu kene carik other date. Not sure that spa open on Sunday or not. I had brought the voucher from MyDeal since before Eidul Fitri. Nearly to expired. Kene book cepat2 ni. Kalo x kene bebel dgn my 2 soul-sis Aina and Aishah. Oh no!.

Erm..since banyak wedding nak kene attend my wedding preparation mood bit low.sbb byk nk keluar budget nak beli hadiah kawan2. xpela hope when my wedding they also will do same. Hehehe. On 19/11 got 3 wedding invitations. Not sure mana yg dapat attend. 1 di Seri Kembangan, 2 lagi di Ipoh. Tp semua kwn2 yg close jugak la. By d way Selamat Pengantin Baru to all my friend which will getting married in this month.

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