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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

how to do/have something we love most in less price!!

Assalamualaikum wbt

Topik hari ni nak share kat kwn2 tentang mcm mana kita nak memiliki satu awesome thing/gadget or attending spa/facial therapy or get our favorite dish with affordable and below market price. Jeng jeng jeng...
maybe dah ade yang tau tentang ni, but i still wanna share to friend who dunno. Mcm my last entry pasal spa activities. I had brought 2 different voucher to attend spa massage session and facial session. For body massage and spa treatment price are RM196 (actual price) but i got it only RM45. Best kan 65% off tu. And for facial actual price are RM326 but i got it only RM48. This voucher bkn tipu2, its reedemable. byk kali dah beli since i found it last year, penah beli voucher movie ticket, hotel dinner,hotel iftar and so on yg aku dah x ingat. Aku suke beli voucher2 ni becoz what for we pay more if we can get it in less price.
Zaman skrg ni semua barang mahal, so org berebut2 mencari yg murah n berkualiti. Lgpun product2 yg ditawarkan disini mmg awesome la. Aku punye most favorite adelah spa voucher, hotel dish..yummy2 aku mmg suke makan and also movie voucher. 

Tara this is link yg aku slalu gune untuk buy a voucher. Ade byk antara favourite aku la.

ok buddies just try it. Mana tau korang akan berterima kasih kat aku later.hehehe

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