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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Self Pamper Activities before become a Bride

Erm..tetibe nak share ape yg ade dalam otak ni, sebelum2 ni dok cerita wedding preparation which is more on clothing, and others related, but the actual is the most important are our-self as bride 2 be. The big day are so challenging to go trough, so that for dd, i had listed few think that i should cover before sitting as bride. Have u gurl ready to be a bride from mental to physical? Dd honestly not ready yet. Haha, but i still have time to fixed it. What i want to do???

1) Wanna pamper myself at SPA- body massage, jakuzi, body scrub, milk bath, and so on regarding body. Ni target nk buat at least 3times.Wahahaha besar budget ni.

2) Pedicure&Manicure - prefer to do this near my wedding day, myb 1 week before or 2 days before,depends on time.

3) Hair Treatment - whats wrong with my hair? easy fallen, kalau boleh nak buat treatment at least 3times too.

4) Facial - Wahahaha muka byk jerawat bile stress about work, wedding and of course bila lepak site. So yg ni mmg slalu buat, at least once a month.

Ok this all what in my list for time being, if dah buat dd akan buat review. In nearest time i wanna go to SPA. which spa??not decide yet.

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