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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Doorgift fo BFF

For BFF, yes i already have an idea what to give them..but if i post here there r no more suprise.But since I have not many BFF who following my blog, (if silently i dunno). So i decide to expose what a favor that i will gave to them. So far i had decide to give them this.

Handmade magnetic tag

So far i got 1 vendor, which i stole this pic. Hehe, jgn mare ye farah.i'm doing marketing to u too. Hehe. Here her link, hasil2 kerja beliau sgt creative. and feel so easy when dealing with her.  Price so far affordable and i had decide to not thinking more, juz grab it, kalau x headache nnt.byk sgt nak fikir lagi.
Wanna her link?? here it is sini


  1. ha'a cantek kan? as da set ke nak bg ape?hehe.meh share idea

  2. wahhh kreatifnye dd ni...
    cntik sgt..

  3. kreatif la sgt.hahaha.bkn aku wat la mamadebot, aku tempah je.senyap2 hokeh, ko la antara yg dpt nnt, tu pun kalo ko dtg wedding aku.

  4. insyaALLAH dtg...
    ko doa2kn la aku dpt dtg...
    kwn2 kawen asyik da hal je aku ni...
    dh lame xjmp ko n the geng...
    rindu wey...

    1. tau xpe.biase la bile da kawen ni.tapi aku nk pecah rahsia ni.bdk ketot potong trip aku, dia nk kawen ujung bln 4 ni.