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Monday, 31 October 2011

Shopping Time!! Love It


Went out early in the morning heading to Shah Alam, meet Him there and then heading to SACC Mall/Kompleks PKNS. Main target to buy a wedding ring. I'm so excited that day, dunno how bout him.I think not so excited like me since his money will fly away. Hehehe.

After searching at few Goldsmith I found a ring that i wish so much at Tomei Kompleks PKNS. Nice n simple ring with affordable price. After he look at the price he gave me a it. I xkan la nk beli yg mahal2 sgt.biarla sesuai dengan kemampuan dia.Know him well, dia xkan bersuara walaupun over budget.Alasan coz once in life. To my dear, it wont be once. This is 1st and will be next and next,juz get ready with full pocket every year.miahahahaha.gelak jahat.

So, I don't take much time to choose a ring, after make payment, he say have a balance of early rings budget. Then we decide to find some other wedding thing at Jalan TAR, KL.usual place to shopping wedding preparation.List of shopped thing will be updated later. Since this is my real target writing the blog. I want update everything about our big days which will come in 2012.InsyaALLAH.

Oh, by d way, x bgtau lagi kan.tetibe je dah sebok beli barang kawen. Actually its around 6 months more to go for our wedding. Kami start shopping awal since jarak yang jauh menyebabkan x banyak masa untuk beli barang2 bersama. So benda2 yg kene beli bersama-sama kami beli awal. Barang yang boleh pilih personally we will buy later.

After a year with him, this is my 1st experience shopping for wedding preparation with him.Love it so much.
Really cant believe that i'm going to enter that biggest step in my life. Semoga Allah permudahkan jodoh kami. Amin.

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